Welcome to Creatively Yours!

Creatively Yours is more than a business for artist, Sally Batson.  It is a passion.  A passion to re-create, re-purpose, and re-design old treasures into new art.  Sally uses anything from jewelry, building supplies, spent shell casings, military memorabilia, hubcaps or your special collection of treasures to create artwork that is fun, creative and completely "YOURS".

The saying "one man's trash is another man's treasure" has taken on a new meaning of making stored or unusable mementos into a lifetime keepsake for Sally.  She is constantly stopping at thrift stores and consignment stores - looking for new ideas and new "junk" to recreate.  Sally re-purposes these items, giving them new life and new meaning, and then often-times mounts them to best showcase the artwork.  Many of Sally's creations are canvassed on barn wood or re-purposed frames and mirrors, depending on the design and final location for the item.

The ultimate creation for Sally though, is taking family treasures and turning them into a memorable keepsake.  The unique challenge of creating a meaningful piece of art, from a collection of smaller items, is Sally's true gift.

Please contact Sally today to discuss a project idea.  She relishes the challenge of a new medium, or creating a unique piece from your treasures.  Sally also has many items available for purchase, that are featured in local art galleries.  The portfolio will give you an idea of what type of pieces are available for purchase.







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